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January 31, 2020

 I want to thank you once again for the work that you performed on our house last month. The first thing that I appreciated very much from you was your care for our safety and health. You recommended that our walls be tested for asbestos; it turned out that there was none, but had there been any, you would have had it removed in such a way that our health was not jeopardized.

Secondly, when you were ready to proceed, you verified the site again with me, and then proceeded to execute the work quickly. You coordinated the work and your teams such that there was no day that the job did not progress towards completion. That meant that the washroom on which you were working was only out of commission for a minimum of time. That was very convenient for the whole family, and was also much appreciated.

You also assessed the site as the work proceeded, and adapted the tasks to be performed to the conditions discovered as the wall was opened. You proposed an original solution to solve the problem (that is effectively resolved now), a solution that was effective and also aesthetically pleasing. And indeed, I have not seen condensation on that wall since the work was performed. The work, including the finishing touches, was performed flawlessly.

Your workers were very professional and courteous. Scott and Josiah were happy to explain what they were doing as the work progressed. Since you plan your work well, they could tell us when they would be back or whom would come in later and when, making it a lot easier for us to plan our own life and activities while keeping aware of the discoveries and progress of the job

And I know that we are not your only satisfied customers. I discovered over the holiday that you are doing work (a much more involved job) in a friend’s house, and she is also very happy with the work, progress, and communications with you and your team.

All in all, this repair and improvement of our washroom was a great experience, thanks to you and your company. For that, we would like to thank you very much.




After four months of a major renovation to our main floor, we can only say how excited and pleased we are with the final result. From the design (thank you Emily at Reid & Siemonsen) through the various stages, Roald Smith provided excellent service and workmanship. Roald, in particular, provided problem-solving and after service that helped in all the processes we encountered along the way. Thank you again!

Gay Chamberlain
Project Date: July 2019
Project Price Range: more than $100,000

Oct 2019

I have found Roald Smith Construction to be the most professional group I have ever worked with. They take the time to explain everything that they are doing; ensure that you understand the relative merits of a detailed contract vs. a time and materials contract; keep you informed daily as to whom to expect and what they will be doing. In addition, to doing good work, they completely isolate their work area with dust barriers, and clean up after themselves each day. It has been a pleasure to have them as my contractors.
Others seeing the site have also been impressed. Those with whom they have to coordinate installations have also remarked on how conscientious they are, and their close attention to detail.

I cannot recommend them highly enough. I have given them permission to use this testimonial, and you are welcome to come and observe what they have done. Reid and Seimonsen put me in touch with them, and I think use them for a lot of their work, as well.

Carol McKay

Based upon a friend’s recommendation and the quote provided, I hired Roald Smith Construction for a complete bathroom remodel in our home this past April 2015. I was pleased by the overall quality of the work performed and the final product – installation of vanity and countertops, tiles on floor, shower and walls and electrical for lights, vents, outlets and additional plumping work. Roald’s clear communication skills were appreciated with respect to providing us with updates on the project and work plan, inquiring into my expectation on certain elements as they arose and being open to any questions/changes I may have had as the renovation proceeded. I also trusted the advise that Rolad and his skilled team of tradesmen (electricians, plumbers, etc) provided and they were attentive to details and getting the job completed on time and to our expectations

I would recommend Roald Smith Construction to anyone seeking a contractor in the future who has a good understanding of quality work, fair price and the time required to complete a project.

Sonia Nobrega

When we think of Roald Smith Construction Inc, we think of:

  • Creativity
  • Soultion Based Problem Solving
  • Daily Attention to Detail
  • Regular Clean-up of work areas

and all of this from start of each day to the end of each task, phase or day.

Roald Smith takes a team flexible approach with clients and his staff which allows him to manage several projects while addressing the needs and surprises which can occur on most construction projects.

We have worked with Roald and his team on 2 projects. The first was last Fall when he stepped in to correct a bathroom fan which had not been installed properly. While he was at that, he also fixed the corner of our bedroom which had deteriorated. This spring, his winter works discount allowed us to work with him to create a downstairs powder room in what was a front hall closet, a hall coat hanging area using a 300 year old pine barn beam as well as a walk thru from our kitchen back hall to out living room while addressing the challenges one finds in a 76 year old home.

We are looking forward to consulting with him and his team on future projects

RitaSue & Curt Bolton

This is a letter of reference for Roald Smith of Roald Smith Construction Inc. We have known Roald for about three years. We inherited a 1839 house and wanted it to be brought up to the 21st century without loosing its character. We had several meetings, consulted an architect and Roald gave us a reasonable estimate and stayed close to budget.

We trusted him right from the beginning. his workmanship was excellent, he had many good ideas and his sense of judgement was great. His team work with other contractors such as electricians, plumpers, driveway contractors etc. was very good.

We think Rolad is a very reliable, honest, hard working contractor who pays attention to details, gives good follow up and takes pride in what he does.

We highly recommend him for any job big or small.

Gerry and Bill Sprague

Roald Smith did a large renovation for me recently. He was in my home six days a week for four months. He did a beautiful job for me and I am not so easy to please. He is a fine person, an adept professional, and a delight to have in my home. I have never felt like that after the many renovations I have previously had over the years. I would highly recommend him.
Nancy Brown

Mr. Roald C. Smith completed 2 rock projects at our home. From his initial choice of materials to the final finishing touches his work was beyond our expectation, with the following specifics. The design and execution of a limestone wall in our living room and an extensive, massive flat rock patio and walk were both artistic and highly skilled efforts.He followed an initial design but collaborated willingly on changes that we suggested.

It was a pleasure working with him; he listened carefully to our preferences and responded cheerfully.This is a personal attribute not always found among skilled craftsman that we appreciated throughout the projects.Being retired and on site, I personally assisted with many of the menial tasks: it was a lot of fun. Roald’s standards for aesthetics and getting things “true” were matched by his excellent work habits. He and his team were punctual, hard-working and self-directed.I never felt I had to keep an eye on their attention to the job.He is very strong, experienced in a variety of masonry and rock work techniques and has great common sense in solving problems that present themselves.

I have absolutely no reservations in recommending Mr. Smith to prospective clients: in fact I have recently done just that. We regularly receive compliments on the two projects that he completed.We are very happy in all regards with the works he finished.

Barrie K. Gilbert, Ph.D.

It is a great pleasure to recommend the work of Roald Smith. Roald first came to our attention a few years ago when he was working on some of our neighbours’ homes. Impressed by the quality of his work and the high regard with which he was held, we naturally turned to him when we needed some work done on our own home.

Such was our satisfaction that when we decided to do a wholesale renovation of our house last year, we did not even consider anyone else. Roald and his partner directed and worked on the project for six months, and we could not be happier with the results. Everything was done right.

Roald gave each aspect of the project careful consideration, and not once did he cut corners. Throughout, we were impressed by his exacting standards, his attention to detail, and his eye for quality. Perhaps most remarkable about our experience with the renovation was our complete satisfaction.

Renovations are invariably stressful, but we had none of the difficulties we have heard of from others in their dealings with their contractors. Roald was conscientious, trustworthy, and honest. His professionalism and work-ethic helped ensure that the project was completed in a timely fashion and that we were kept abreast of the progress. Roald communicated with us very openly and directly, and we always enjoyed discussing the project with him. He is truly a pleasure to work with.

It is no wonder that seemingly everyone on our block has lined up to hire him for one job or another.


First of all it was a pleasure working with you on the construction of the East Lake Cottages in Cherry Valley. Your approach has been thorough and focused on the quality finishes we expected. I have much appreciated your versatility and high skill level to tackle various complicated design details, and recognized that you went out of your way to complete the assignment.

Above that you were honest and reliable, and an excellent problem solver. I was always at ease when you were on the construction site, looking out for the property and safety.

I hope that you will work with us again at the next project.

Robert Ritter

Director of Contracting & Construction Management